In 2011, the lbts restaurants Kepler Space Telescope team reported the discovery of the first Earth-sized extrasolar planets orbiting a Sun-like star, Kepler-20e and Kepler-20f. One in five Sun-like stars is thought to have an Earth-sized planet in its habitable zone, which suggests that the nearest would be expected to be within 12 light-years distance from Earth. The frequency of occurrence of such terrestrial planets is one of the variables in the Drake equation, which estimates the number of intelligent, communicating civilizations that exist in the Milky Way.


  • The catalog of Kepler candidate planets consists mostly of planets the size of Neptune and smaller, down to smaller than Mercury.
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  • They often referred to the demotion of the asteroids as a precedent, although that had been done based on their geophysical differences from planets rather than their being in a belt.
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  • Triton is unique among the large moons in that it orbits retrograde, i.e. in the direction opposite to its parent planet’s rotation.

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This statistic is an extrapolation from data on K-type stars. One important characteristic of the planets is their intrinsic magnetic moments, which in turn give rise to magnetospheres. The presence of a magnetic field indicates that the planet is still geologically alive.

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The data for the minor planets and planetary-mass moons is taken from list of gravitationally rounded objects of the Solar System, with sources listed there. The IAU noted that this definition could be expected to evolve as knowledge improves. This definition is based in modern theories of planetary formation, in which planetary embryos initially clear their orbital neighborhood of other smaller objects. As described below, planets form by material accreting together in a disk of matter surrounding a protostar. This process results in a collection of relatively substantial objects, each of which has either “swept up” or scattered away most of the material that had been orbiting near it.

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Those objects that have become massive enough will capture most matter in their orbital neighbourhoods to become planets. Protoplanets that have avoided collisions may become natural satellites of planets through a process of gravitational capture, or remain in belts of other objects to become either dwarf planets or small bodies. Geoscientists often reject the IAU definition, preferring to consider round moons and dwarf planets as also being planets. Some scientists who accept the IAU definition of “planet” use other terms for bodies satisfying geophysical planet definitions, such as “world”. The term “planetary mass object” has also been used to refer to ambiguous situations concerning exoplanets, such as objects with mass typical for a planet that are free-floating or orbit a brown dwarf instead of a star.

It is thought that the regular satellites of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus formed in a similar way; however, Triton was likely captured by Neptune, and Earth’s Moon and Pluto’s Charon might have formed in collisions. The inclination of a planet tells how far above or below an established reference plane its orbit is tilted. In the Solar System, the reference plane is the plane of Earth’s orbit, called the ecliptic. For extrasolar planets, the plane, known as the sky plane or plane of the sky, is the plane perpendicular to the observer’s line of sight from Earth.

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Analysis of gravitational microlensing data suggests a minimum average of 1.6 bound planets for every star in the Milky Way. When further planets were discovered orbiting the Sun, symbols were invented for them. The most common astronomical symbol for Uranus was invented by Johann Gottfried Köhler, and was intended to represent the newly discovered metal platinum. The first few asteroids were similarly given abstract symbols, but as their number rose further and further, this practice stopped in favour of numbering them instead. The moons (including the planetary-mass ones) are generally given names with some association with their parent planet. Neptune’s planetary-mass moon Triton is named after the god’s son; Pluto’s planetary-mass moon Charon is named after the ferryman of the dead, who carries the souls of the newly deceased to the underworld (Pluto’s domain).